Back From beyond - Novel By Eva Bell



The subject of Reincarnation has exercised the minds of independent Psychical Researchers all over the world. Some believe that the soul or the spirit of a person after biological death, begins a new life in another human body. BACK FROM BEYOND is a work of fiction based on this surmise. A girl born in Assam is convinced that she had a previous existence as another person. She is able to solve a murder mystery that has eluded the police for many years, because she is the reincarnation of the woman who was murdered.




Runaway Widow New Release


Tara a child widow flees from the confines of her village, in pursuit of her dream of acquiring a good education. Her adventures and misadventures in Bombay are many.

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The lure of the petrodollar takes Dr. Linda Oakes to King’s Hospital at Al Lubna in Saudi Arabia.

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Eva brings out the co-relation between stress and anger, and goes on to find out whether anger is justifiable.

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Cactus Hill


Carolyn Taylor a beautiful anglo-indian girl hopes for a better life in England. To this end  she marries a Britisher who turns out to be a confidence trickster.

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