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Here you will find the latest on her novels, biographies, short stories, self help articles and other work.

A gynaecologist by profession but a writer and communicator at heart, Eva had to wait till she finally got off duty at 60 to seriously put pen to paper. Her articles will prove to be invaluable eye-openers and ready reckoners for most people living life in the fast lane. Each of them is packed with priceless ‘why didn’t I think of that’ nuggets of wisdom that will help you learn how to catch your breath without losing pace (or sleep) and achieve your life’s objectives effortlessly.

Begin by checking out her new e-book ‘Strategies for survival in an angry world’ and discover how you can improve the quality of your daily life by simply viewing things differently.




“Knee Jerks and Gallop Rhythms” is a collection of thirteen short stories covering a wide range of human experiences in a hospital setting; of unhappy relationships and self doubt; of love and longing and of resilient people who learn to take control of their lives, identify their strengths and move on, realizing that the resources for healing are available within one’s own mind.

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Four feisty young girls who were adopted as infants by German parents from a Mission Hospital in South India, come back to serve their country of origin for five years.They open a Health Resort called Eden –a place of tranquility, where stressed-out working women can periodically come for short stays, to de-stress and go back to their homes and jobs refreshed and rejuvenated.The girls are also a…

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Back From beyond - Novel By Eva Bell



The subject of Reincarnation has exercised the minds of independent Psychical Researchers all over the world. Some believe that the soul or the spirit of a person after biological death, begins a new life in another human body. BACK FROM BEYOND is a work of fiction based on this surmise. A girl born in Assam is convinced that she had a previous existence as another person. She is able to solve a murder mystery that has eluded the police for many years, because she is the reincarnation of the woman who was murdered.







Runaway Widow New Release



Tara a child widow flees from the confines of her village, in pursuit of her dream of acquiring a good education. Her adventures and misadventures in Bombay are many. But she surmounts them all with extraordinary confidence. She inadvertently helps a detective solve a complicated case, but somewhere along the way falls in love with him. This is her touching love story. More…







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